The Menu du Marché à l’Ardoise is only available for weekday lunches at 30 euros

Le menu "Le petit bleu"

42 euros
Three-courses Menu

Or 60 euros
Four-courses Menu

Duo of Asparagus, Strawberries and black Olive, Asparagus ice-cream

- - - -
L’Inval Trout, Peas, Tomato et spring Vegetables


Lightly smoked Pigeon, its piperade and Eggplant caviar with its tight juice

- - - -
Banana soufflé, roasted Banana and Sage ice-cream

Le menu "le grand bleu"

64 euros
Three-courses Menu

Or 86 euros
Four-courses Menu

Semi-candied Tuna, Nori sausage et granny Apple, Pineapple salad, Cucumber and green bell Pepper, Mango sorbet & green Pepper

Foie gras IGP cooked in the towel infused with red Beetroot and Raspberry, red Beetroot sorbet

- - - -
Sturgeon just cooked, Basmati rice lightly truffled foam with its Caviar

Cod fish cooked with a torch flam with Carrot puree and Barbecue sausage

- - - -
Caramelized French Milk-fed Veal sweetbreads, Curry glaze and its Capron, Black Olives puree and its Shallot butter

Périgord Beef fillet and its Maniguette Pepper sausage, Artichoke cream et Spinach shoot

- - - -
Coconut Macaron, Tarragon cream and its Nabirat Strawberries, Cacao sorbet

Orange Pie with a Cacao biscuit, Coriander ice-cream